Friday, October 13, 2017

Reports on Quizzes at Mindspark 2017

Date: 22-09-2017
Quiz: Torquest 2017
Venue: College of Engineering, Pune
Organized by/Fest: Mindspark 2017
QM(s): Vrushabh Gudade

1. Siddharth Ramesh and Arnabh Sengupta (AFMC)
2. Anirudh Anilkumar and Hritvik Jha (AFMC)
3. Sai Pavan and Rituraj (AFMC)

The prelims round started at about 11.30. About 40 teams participated in the prelims. Though the prelims were low scoring, the questions were stimulating and fascinating. The cut off was 3 with the highest score being 13.5. A total of 6 teams qualified to the finals.

The final round started by 1. It consisted of two infinite rebounds, each with 12 questions and a written round with 8 questions. Here too, the teams found it difficult to score. The questions asked were from diverse fields-from simple tech to medicine, to India.

In the end the team of Arnabh Sengupta and Siddharth Ramesh from AFMC came 1st with 100 points. The team of Anirudh Anilkumar and Hritvik Jha came runners up beating the team of Sai Pavan and Rituraj in a tiebreaker.

The quizmaster Vrushabh Gudade did an impressive job in setting up the lovely questions and conducting the quiz. 

Report by: Siddharth Ramesh

The post will be updated with reports of Indikya (the India Quiz) and Chakravyuh 2017

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Reports on the Quizzes at Credenz 2017: the PICT Fest

Date: 16-09-2017
Quiz: Credenz BizTech Quiz
Venue: Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune
Organized by/Fest: Credenz 2017
QM(s): Ritwik Manatkar

1. Arnabh Sengupta and Anirudh Anilkumar (AFMC)
2. Veushabh Gudade and Karan Agarwal (COEP)
3. Sameer and Yash (PICT)

The Quiz started off with just a delay of around 20 minutes with a full house auditorium of about 30-35 teams. It is notable that there was no hassle in the registrations and other pre-quiz rituals and a fair share of the crowd was from the host college.

The elims was a nice set of 20 questions with a few two-part questions and star marked ones that touched all the corners of all the Biz-Tech dome. All the answers were familiar to the layman, thus creating multiple guesses and helping the non-quizzing junta to think upon the context. Very appreciable. Advertisements, simple questions, one-liners, company trivia, etc all were covered and the cut-off was around 7.

Top six teams made it to the finals: 3 from PICT, 2 from AFMC and 1 from COEP. 5 rounds of various formats made the finals playful and engaging. The two IRs were regarding various companies, their histories, business terminologies etc. Good framing made answers workable. There was a short and quick written round of 10 questions on "Honest Company Taglines" in which all teams scored decent points.
Another round was a pounce-only round. Questions were divided in two parts. If you answer in the 1st part then the stakes are +10/-10 and if attempted in the next slide with more hints, then they were +5/-5. This round was a bit easy though the teams struggled whether to answer Ponds/ Vaseline or Royal Enfield/Harley Davidson at a point.
The Derail round (wonderfully explained by Arnabh in 5th para of General Quiz report below) saw tougher questions. The interesting rules many teams gained points while others lost.

Overall the quiz was prepared with a lot of efforts that could be seen in terms of framing and content. A few extremely unpopular terms popped up as answers, that ideally shouldn't be in a Biz-Tech quiz but they didn’t seem too vague or irrelevant; and also spoke of the research that must have gone in the making of the quiz.
Peters were tweaked so that still looked new and fresh. 

Suggestions: Instead of just companies/terms the quizmaster should have weaved a story into the questions and asked the fundae. That would result in interesting guesses from teams. The QM should have been more stiff in engaging the crowd and instructing the teams.

It was all in all a very awesome time spent at the quiz with scores coming neck to neck of all the top teams. Kudos to the QM for putting up a great debut series of quizzes.

Report by: Vrushabh Gudade


Date: 16-09-2017
Quiz: Credenz MELA Quiz
Venue: Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune
Organized by/Fest: Credenz 2017
QM(s): Ritwik and Rajan

1. Arnabh Sengupta and Anirudh Anilkumar (AFMC)
2. Ankit and Anurag Chaudhary (PICT)

The quiz had robust participation from engineering, medical, pharmacy colleges, leading to a full house. The preliminary round consisted of a written round with 20 questions. They were very workoutable, with hints being provided by the QM.

Finals followed the same interesting format as the first quiz, with a Derail Round that really brought the claws out. There was a pleasant balance with respect to questions, and they were evocative of a nice, general flavour. Anime, music, celebrities, literature and TV series; the questions covered it all. The contributions of William Shakespeare to the English language made itself felt during two quizzes, sinister connotations associated with nursery rhymes raised their heads and things started getting Schwifty in there. The rounds were aptly named and the safety slides were all prepared by a meme lord.
The quizmaster was not overly pedantic (Take note, Divij.) and seemed to be happy when teams figured out answers. 

Gr8 m8, 5/8 would quiz again. 

Report by: Anirudh Anilkumar


Date: 17-09-2017

Quiz: Credenz General Quiz

Venue: Pune Institute of Computer Technology, Pune
Organized by/Fest: Credenz 2017
QM(s): Ritwik Manatkar

1. Anirudh Anilkumar and Arnabh Sengupta (AFMC)
2. Bareedu Sai Pavan Kimar and Ruturaj (AFMC)
3. Advay Aundhekar and Ananya Menon (AFMC)

The prelims were on the easier side and had many derivable Qs with the top score being 17 and the cut-off being 8. Most regulars saw their prelims score hover around the 15 mark.
Teams from AFMC dominated the quiz from the start with 4 out of 8 teams in the Finals from the college.

The Finals questions were well spread among the topics and everyone from Rick and Morty, Van Dyck , Skrillex to Shashank Manohar made a cameo. A slurry of incorrect pounces kept some teams on the back foot in the start.
The LVC was made on the Angry Birds characters and led to some teams widening their lead. A second LVC was included that was pounce only for its elements. This round was really well crafted with everyone from Edith Piaf and Zlatan making an appearance. The connect spelled out the name of the fest itself!
The General Quiz at PICT always surprises us with innovative rounds. While last year we saw the introduction of a ‘Memento’ based round, this year the QM, Ritwik Manatkar introduced a wonderful ‘Derail’ round. No tongue in cheek reference to the current rail scenario, obviously. The teams could challenge another team to a Q and if the challenged team failed, they would have 10 points docked from their tally! It led to some wonderful “camaraderie” among the quizzers, all regular in the circuit. It took some explaining for the first timers and shook up the score board a lot.
By the start of the final round 2 AFMC teams were decidedly in the lead while the others trailed by 30 odd points.

The final round saw some great Qs as has been the style of the QM, keeping his best Qs for the last. There was a lot of arguments about half points at one point which came to a stop when the arguing team realized there’s no cash prize for 3rd place. All in all, the quiz was well made, had questions on various topics and the effort put in by the QM was evident from the innovative rounds he had included in the quiz.
PS: Reportedly 200 teams registered for this quiz. That’s some footfall!

Report by: Arnabh Sengupta